Thursday, March 27, 2014

Official style in daily life

As we all know, writing plays an important part in our daily life that we human beings cannot live without it in every day. There are three writing styles, official style, creative style and plain style respectively. Different activity systems use different writing styles are what people usually do. Why they use writing styles in different way? Why cannot people all write in a simple way so that every one can understand it and communicate in an easy way? Why people in different occasions need to use different writing styles? As a university student, those three writing styles surround my life every day.

 On one hand, when I start my presentation, I use creative style which is a style full of creative language like funny story and research data to support my perspectives so that I can both attract people’s attention and support my supporting points in the same time. On the other hand, when I write letter to my mom, write drama, poem, common in-class short paper, fiction, I use plain style because plain style save time and plain style can show your emotion to others in a directly way so that people can translate their emotion in a fast, direct and strong way. However, as a low lever member of high educators, we university students need to read academic article, newspaper, write academic paper and send academic email to our professor. What we need to do is because of our education, we are no longer be a low educator, how to broaden our horizons and improve our writing abilities are our study goal. Writing and reading official styles is one of the way to recognize our high educators from low educators. As a long complex sentence, does official style really indeed in our daily life? Why there is a large number of authors are willing to write articles in using official style?
Early this semester, we received an email from President Joe Gow which the content was about cancel class. The email which he sent us was an official style email which started by prepositional phrases “due to”. The second sentence and third sentence were made up of passive sentences. This cancel class activity was made by President Joe. However, during the whole email, he uses passive voice to announce this news to us in a formal way which was one kind of official style. Why President Joe used element of the official style in this case? Formal style is probably true because as the leader of UWL, he needed to be official to announce news so that students and colleagues will pay attention to the news that can make President Joe handle affairs in a controlling way. Besides, the notification is formal, the position of president is formal. Thus, President Joe needs to send official style email to us. Another example is in the beginning of this semester in this class, we learned the character of high grade level articles and read an example of long complex sentence which average grade level is 45.8. “A policy decision inexorably enforced upon a depression-prone individual whose posture in respect to his total psychophysical environment is rendered antagonistic by apprehension or by inner-motivated disinclination for ongoing participation in human existence is the necessity for effectuating a positive selection between two alternative programs of action, namely, (a) the continuance of the above-mentioned existence irrespective of the dislocations, dissatisfactions, and disabilities incurred in such a mode, or (b) the voluntary termination of such existence by self-initiated instrumentality, irrespective in this instance of the undetermined character of the subsequent environment, if any, in which the subject may be position as an end result of this irrevocable determination.” According to this whole long complicated sentence, we can easily find out the elements of the official style. First, passive voice and impersonal, the sentence’s subject is a policy decision which did not connect with personal idea or personal choice. What the author says is very impersonal and based on physical environment. Second, it is a long complex sentence which full of technical terms. Third, verbs and nouns in this long complex sentence are changed into another uncommon using way which is latinate diction and nominalization. Depress turns to depression, psycho turns to psychophysical, motivate turns to inner-motivated, participate turns to participation etc. Fourth, verbose and bureaucratic which in this sentence is very outstanding. The whole sentence is complex and verbose and filled with explanation. Lastly, it explains how a policy decision was hold by in a euphemism way which relate to the ladder of abstraction.

 Official style surrounds in our daily life and we cannot live without it. Although there are many conflicts between official styles and plain style. People would rather read plain style than official style because plain style is easy to understand and save people’s time, official writing styles are boring, complex, wasting time and sometimes makes people feel confuse and unnecessary to read it. However, every corn has two sides, official style still have his own advantages which can make people think highly of it so that people can recognize important information and common information. What is more, official style is an important way to communicate with high educators which is the way not only to help to communicate but also help to broaden education career. In a word, as on of an essential part in writing style, official style cannot live without ours and we need official style.       

                                                                                                                        Yi Huang

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